... Hi there lovely (I know you're lovely as you're visiting LLC), so thanks for taking the time to visit and welcome. My name is Cheryl and I bake and decorate cakes, I know that sounds pretty boring but I love it and I mean I REALLY love it.

 I guess that if you're reading this then you're either just curious or having a celebration and are looking for a cake. A cake is the focal point of any 'get together' as it represents your special occasion so .... IT NEEDS TO BE RIGHT! I believe it needs to look and taste right without costing the earth and compromising on quality, detail and 'wow' factor (I am really into 'wow factor'). It has been said that 'a social gathering without cake is just in fact a meeting'.  I could not agree more.

With a zillion ideas, and a big helping of love, care and attention anything is possible. I love a challenge so lets throw the rule book away.  You want it so tell me about it and I'll bake and create it. Come on in, tell me your ideas and have a look around 'Lola loves cakes'....of course she does!

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The Tudor Cake. Commissioned by the author, historian, and TV presenter Dr. Tracy Borman to celebrate her marriage to Tom Ashworth in June 2015. Just under a metre high, 110 eggs and Greg, the delivery man got it there in one piece ! Phew !!!

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